Let us uproot pornography from society

We propose a wide pact to Society: Let us uproot pornography from society These are some reasons:Pornography awakes the beast we bear inside: 1. Even the “soft porn” harms anybody. 2. All pornography makes the receptor insensible. 3. Pornography causes addiction. 4. Pornography degrades matrimony. 5. Pornography increases criminal intention in dangerous criminals. 6. Pornography pushes to commit other…
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Just a professional drama teacher, please (homosexuality)

Looking for a not sexually oriented teacher. Choosing a heterosexual head of actors for the Drama School.My dream has always been to gather a few children from the streets and to extract their hidden diamonds. That’s not so easy. I have to find people with hidden diamonds…I began with a drama group, ten in all. Later on…
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First things Editor: Neuhaus last words (Pro-life)

First Thigs Editor, Canadian-Born, Intellectual, influential free thinker, who became a Catholic after a long conversion process. Later on, as a Christian, he was a powerful pen, liberal and ortodox. Himself and Novak were the pieces around which all Catholic intellectuals turned to press John Paul II. They forced him to produce the philosocialist (according…
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