We propose a wide pact to Society: Let us uproot pornography from society

These are some reasons:
Pornography awakes the beast we bear inside: 1. Even the «soft porn» harms anybody. 2. All pornography makes the receptor insensible. 3. Pornography causes addiction. 4. Pornography degrades matrimony. 5. Pornography increases criminal intention in dangerous criminals. 6. Pornography pushes to commit other crimes and enables them.

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Uproot pornography from society says US bishop
LETTERS from all over the US have flooded into the home of Bishop Paul Loverde (right) since he published last year a lengthy pastoral letter on pornography, Bought with a Price.
“Some letters brought me to tears; others filled me with anger at the pornography industry and sorrow at our own human condition, so prone to sin that we tolerate this evil,” he told the National Catholic Register.
In his pastoral the bishop wrote that pornography has “spread like a plague
throughout our culture. Once the shameful and occasional vice of the few, it has become
mainstream entertainment for the many.”
It is estimated that the US pornography industry is now worth more than $8 billion
annually. Bishop Loverde of Arlington, Virginia, noted that porn is now rarely recognised
as a threat to happiness or as a destructive addiction. Rather it is “excused as an
outlet for free expression, supported as a business venture, and condoned as just another
form of entertainment.”Rejecting the notion that it is “a mere private weakness or even a legitimate pleasure to be protected by law,” he said the Church condemns it as gravely sinful. “This plague stalks the souls of men, women and children, ravages the bonds of marriage and victimises the most innocent
among us,” said the bishop. “It destroys people’s ability to see one another as beautiful expressions of God’s creation, causing them instead to view others as objects to be used
and manipulated.”
Using pornography “turns a man’s attention and affection away from his wife. It creates
unrealistic and often immoral expectations for their intimate life. He begins to
approach her only as a means to his own gratification.”
The bishop told young people, “you have been targeted by this criminal enterprise as a source of financial gain, and you have to endure the impoverished notion of intimacy that results from this
culture.” He showed how the arguments for porn were false— that it harms no one, it can be therapeutic, it can help young people to mature and that opposition to it is based on Christian hatred of the human body. Defenders of porn “pose as defenders of a true humanism, portraying Christian teaching on chastity as ‘antihuman’.”“This lie has been restated so many times through the history of the Church that many accept it as central to Christian thought. In fact the exact opposite is true,” he said. He wanted an end to toleration of “this insidious toxic poison” which hides “under the guise of freedom of speech and freedom of conscience” yet is “contributing to the debasement of our culture
and the victimisation of our children.” “We stand at a threshold,” said the bishop. “Either we can continue to allow this plague to spread with fewer and fewer checks, or we can take concrete steps to uproot it
in our lives, our families, our neighbourhoods and our culture.”
Bought With a Price: Pornography and the Attack on the Living Temple of God is available on the internet.