Christian testimony of ROCCO BUTTIGLIONE (Christians, politics, testimony)

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ROCCO BUTTIGLIONE Was about to become the European Commissioner for Safety, Freedom and Justice of the European Union. He was withdrawn as a candidate for his statements on homosexuality. He said that homosexuals should not adopt. Where are we going to in Europe?

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The truth is actually what is politically correct. If I can’t tell someone that he is mistaken I am denied a fundamental right. Being faithful to one’s own convictions is difficult. If one is not ready to sacrify himself for his faith’s sake, he shows either that his faith has no value or that he has no value at all. Let us not exaggerate upon what happened. I just wanted to become European Commissioner. I think I have suffered an injustice. But I am happy because I have been able to give testimony of my faith. I have not lost so much: many have lost their head and I have missed just an armchair… But we ought to be on the look out so that we don’t allow entry in the European Parliament the principle of discrimination. There is floating in the air an anti-Christian feeling, a campaign in Europe to set Christians and men of conscience aside. I haven’t been around priding myself of my beliefs… but I have not denied them either. Some people have approached me and told me clearly: – We understood that you are in favour of the non-discrimination of the homosexual persons. That is not sufficient. We want the EU to promote homosexuality. I couldn’t yield this point!” ROCCO BUTTIGLIONE, NT, January 2008
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