A word of encouragement


A word of encouragement. 
 A famous singer was advertised to perform at the Grand Opera House in  Paris. 
That night, the concert hall was packed with people, eager to hear her. 
Suddenly, the house manager went on stage and announced, 
"Ladies and gentlemen, I regret that due to illness, our special guest will be unable to perform this evening.  However, we ve found another singer, an equally great talent, so would you please give her a warm welcome."  
The crowd groaned so loudly that nobody even heard the singer’s name. 
You could feel the disappointment everywhere. 
The stand-in singer gave it everything she had, but when it was over all she got was a brief, scattered applause – followed by uncomfortable silence. Suddenly, in the balcony, a child stood up and shouted,

"Mummy, I think you’re wonderful!" 
Realizing what had happened, the crowd jumped to their feet and gave her a standing ovation that lasted for several minutes. Once in a while we all need to hear somebody say, "I think you’re wonderful!" (A conclusion follows)