Impossible? ,  It’s possible
Impossible, impossible they say 
Yet things are happening everyday 
Their mind blinded and never imagined 
Hence they fail to achieve.
Impossible, impossible they say 
No one can ever go beyond the boundary on  the sea
It’s possible, Megellan thought and tried 
He went round the world to their fright
Impossible, impossible they say
Man can never fly in air
It’s possible, thought the Wright brothers 
They made the aero plane and flew beyond borders.

Impossible, impossible they say 
There can be no fire without smokin’ the air 
It’s possible Edison thought and tried 
And he got the world shining with light.
Impossible, impossible they say 
‘ cos what ever goes up must come down in haste 
Newton proved it , Einstein improved it 
And Armstrong defiled it and walked on the moon.
Impossible, impossible they say 
No man dies and rises again 
‘ cos he loved you Christ died and rose 
That you may have life and everlasting hope .
The impossible men wishes, dream and never do 
The possible men wish, dream, dare and do 
It’s possible it’s possible, things are happening every day