Things are good if they spring from the heart, but external evidence (facts) is really important… 

The Subway Kiss 
A few years ago I was living in Paris and was very much in love with a beautiful girl. 
One day we where riding the subway that was packed with people.
 On the pole we were grabbing so as not to fall were many other hands. 
In a moment of romantic passion I went to kiss my girlfriends hand, slowly and lovingly. 
As I was kissing it I noticed the hand was large, hairy and definitely not my girlfriends. 
The large man, recipient of the kiss, looked at me in bewilderment. 
As I tried to explain in my broken french that the kiss was for my girlfriend, my girlfriend had ducked in embarrassment and was nowhere to be found. 
It really seemed as if I was making the story up. 
Paco Arango Madrid, Spain