A family in Toowomba, Queensland, has been left overflowing with what has become a rather valuable commodity right now, after mom Haidee Janetzki «accidentally» ended up with an eye-watering 2300 rolls of toilet paper in their home.

The blunder came after Janetzki decided to alter her online subscription soon after Christmas. Speaking to news.com.au, Janetzki said: «I was previously getting recycled toilet paper delivered from the toilet paper company Who Gives A Crap every 12 weeks.

«But at Christmas time they were offering a Christmas gift wrapped paper variety which was also premium product.

“I went online, canceled my recycled paper and subscribed to the premium toilet paper instead, where it asked for quality, I typed 48 thinking I would get 48 rolls and instead I accidentally ended up with 48 boxes of 48 rolls.»

Link https://vt.co/lifestyle/health/woman-accidentally-spends-2165-on-2300-rolls-of-toilet-paper/