An image of the Eucharist

At the crisis of a battle in the War a vital communication between a certain division and Army battle headquarters went dead. Somewhere the enemy shells had cut the wire and it was absolutely essential to get it repaired at once. Only one signalman was available in the divisional staff dugout at the moment and he went out to find the break and join it. In a few minutes the messages began coming through again. An hour later the man had still not returned and a party went to look for him. He was found lying beside the line, holding together in his hands the two broken ends, with a great shell wound over his heart from which he had bled to death.

There follows a comment on this shocking story…

Christ in the Eucharist reunites man & God Soldier ties communication wires with his dead body
Our High Priest
A priest is one who acts as a mediator or link between God and man. This is true above all of the great High Priest of Calvary.