To do what you can is important; otherwise, we use the excuse «I can’t change things…», to do nothing about it.

Recently, after having dinner at an outdoor chicken restaurant in Guayaquil, we had one piece of chicken left with everyone too full to eat it. I immediately thought I would like to take it with us and give it to a beggar in the street. (This was a new thought for me; previously I would have left it.) As we were walking down the street, I saw a woman huddled in a doorway with all her worldly possessions and her five children (two months to six years old). I thought «I can’t give this chicken to her. There is only one piece, and there are six of them.

The words of Jesus flashed in my mind and I went over to the family, knelt down, introduced myself, offered what I had and was welcomed by warmness and cheer.

We talked a few minutes and then prayed together. The woman ended up giving me her blessing and the kids thanked me and kissed me. I don’t know what happened after I left, who ate the chicken but I know beyond a doubt that God’s grace was enough.

As Christians we must reflect Christ. United as the Body of Christ, in community support, we can start transforming our world where we live, with the little we have, in the love, grace, and power of the Spirit. In many ways I have been ignoring the reality of grace and making excuses why I don’t do anything, saying «what little I give won’t change their situation.» What I have realised lately, is that I was reacting at a very human level and making human comparisons instead of faith» (Jeannette Easley, correspondence with author in 1982‑83).