«Is there any truth to this?»

~Yes, it is true. died a . Mr. Dallas Carter of the Hawaiian royal family personally and directly asked Marley's Bishop about this in 2003. The very same Bishop who heard Marley's deathbed confession.

His death bed conversion/confession does not, however, «canonize» his musical recordings. I add this because I am finding the tendency among who discover this information to think it is «OK» to listen to Bob Marley. However holy we may hope his confession to be, that does not «canonize» his music, making it now somewhat «moral.»

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Well, I have heard the above myself so many years ago but not until today did I get to search the for it. Here's where I found it: https://..com/ul.html

According to Catholic teaching, if a person is baptized, all of his sins, both and actual are immediately and completely forgiven, including all the «Temporal ». My (and I could well be wrong), is that Bob Marley also skipped purgatory and would definitely be in heaven: a saint! Hmmm… strong, no? Well, not a bad idea praying to him…

by eugene.