Carrying the cross for the salvation of others.

Patricia Devlin was born blind in 1953, because she was born three months too early.
She had to suffer very much both physically and mentally.
So P. thought to be worthless and useless for this world. At that moment God shows her how much He loves her and He shows P. the plans He has for her. The blind girl is allowed to see the light and glory of the angels.
Even the Pope`s angel speaks to her.
Archangel Michael and many other angels give her insight into the hierarchy of heaven. She also recognizes the unbelieveable love of God for each human being.

In her visons she accompanies Jesus on his way to Golgotha.

She gets to know that the salvation of our souls counts most for God.
Jesus and His angels explain to her that through her pains and sufferings she can help to save souls.
If she asks Jesus to accept her crosses,
He can send many graces to all of us especially to those who are on the point of losing their eternal life. She also suffers a lot for women doing abortions. Once she saw a woman dying because of an abortion. So she offered even more of her sufferings for her to save her.
She also saw the beautifuls eyes of aborted baby and how nice he would have looked with black curls. Like our Pope, she says that we should help with words and deeds to prevent abortions. Patricia says we should always watch so we don’t lose the right path, because of the missleading promises of the world.
——————— One way to recognize the wrong direction is when a group or an individual is not able to love or to carry his or her cross for the salvation of others.