ANECDONET is the story of two friends who became aware of the need of finding graphic ways to express abstract ideas. That’s the way Jesus Christ used to communicate: parables, short stories or «stories with intention» as we like to call them.

Then we decided to contribute our time and talents without earning a cent. That was our toast to Heaven.

Since 2005, many of you have contributed all these years in building this treasure. We thank you all. We have been able thus to offer this stream of knowledge to this Global Village. We tought: the stories should be like mini-skirts: short and «meaningful». And that’s our philosophy.

However just two people are behind the curtain: Juanfro and Jota M. Limited as we are we’re glad to make this daily tiny light available for free.

While Christmas approaches, we extend our hand, as so many New Poor in our lands. We beg you for a HUGE GIFT: Link up Anecdonet to your webpage or blog.

Thus our work, however free of charge, may reach a greater number of people and do a greater good.

Merry Christmas to you all!