«Rumors Hurt» 

As does pass, and all through the yearI find it amazing, some stories I hear.
Rumors hurt many, and not just a few.
These stories of fiction, not actually true.
Each time they are told, little facts seem to change 
But I guess that’s normal, it’s really not strange.
They are stories of passion, and stories of lust,
They are stories of others, and who not to trust.
They are told with abandon to those we call friend,
With no regard ever given to results in the end.
From just a small fact we build a story quite grand.
Reputations are ruined, although it’s not planned.
None are immune to these stories that spread. 
It is not always fact, just because it’s been said.
But we need to type something, so why not have fun,
And tell stories of other’s and what they have done.
The answer is simple, and here is your clue,
The next story you hear could be about YOU.