Charged Up

 It was a Saturday afternoon, 
Mark kissed me and the kids good-by, and was out the door.
 He was on his way to Church to meet with his friend, and band member Mike, to practice for an upcoming concert. 
Minutes after he went out the door, he was back inside. 
He said that the station wagon wouldn’t start. The battery was dead, no lights, no radio, nothing. 
At first I couldn’t understand what could have happened. I was the last to drive it a few days earlier. 
As I thought back, I had a faint memory of my two young boys playing with the over-head reading lights.
 I must not have paid enough attention, and left them on. 
Mark pulled the van around and hooked up the jumper cables. I tried turning over the engine in the station wagon, all I got was clicking noises. «
Try again», Mark said, …more clicking noises. 
We let it charge awhile, revving up the van a little.
 I tried it again, this time along with the clicking, was the sound of the radio. 
More waiting while it charged, then another try, it came very close to starting, another try, and thank God, it started! 
Now it comes a thought good for moments of reflection (long recollections, Lent…)

I like to think that I am full of spiritual power all the time, but sometimes I feel like that drained battery, and what I need is a direct link to the power source (God); 
Jesus being sort of like my jumper cables, and the Holy Spirit being the power. I remember my dad telling me that you have to start a sitting car once in a while or the battery would go bad. When we get away from our power source for a long period of time, our power can slowly drain. And if we’re not careful, Satan will find ways of draining that power even faster (like that light that was left on drained the station wagon battery). 
So if you’ve been at a spiritual stand still for a long time, or Satan has found a way to speed up your draining process, give yourself a chance, don’t try the ignition and give up! Hook up, charge up, be patient, and let God’s power grow
! –Connie Cameron