High Wire 

In 1940 a great high wire artist was putting on a performance over Niagara Falls. 
A cable had been stretched from Canada to the US. 
He started from the Canadian side and was crossing to America. 
In front he was pushing a wheelbarrow. 
One foot at a time he crossed the wire, below millions of tons of water were crashing over the falls. 
The artist with nerves of steel pushes his wheelbarrow across. 
As he reaches the American side wild cheers were sent up, drowning out the roar of the great falls. 
He stood alone on the platform, hands raised high, and yelled to the crowd below. «Do you believe I can do it again?»
 The crowd went into a frenzied roar. 
He yelled again, «Do I have a volunteer to ride in the wheelbarrow?» 
All you could hear was the roar from the falls, the crowd was silent. 
A lot of Christians believe God, but they are afraid to trust their lives to Him. 
How sad, imagine what a wild ride they will miss. With Jesus’ hands on the wheelbarrow, taking us high above life’s problems. With the rest of the crowd looking up wishing. Just wishing.