13,54-58  May 1 
is not this
the carpenter?




During the American Civil war, President
Lincoln had a strapping atheletic young man as his secretary. 
In those days
before office machinery, such a man would literally be pushing a pen or pencil. 
This particular man was not happy about it. 
He wanted to get out where the
action was on the battlefield. He wanted to go and do great things for his
country. He was quite willing to die if necessary. So he kept on complaining
about the work he was doing, when he could be in uniform confronting the enemy. After hearing the usual complaint one day, Lincoln stared at him, rubbed his
hands in his beard and said in his philosophical way, “Young man as I see it,
you are quite willing to die for your country, but you are not willing to live
for it.”



Moral  enthusiasm in our study /work, do things well, rectitude of intention.