There were 5000 priests in Dachau concentration
camp near Munich in Germany, 3000 of them were killed in the most brutal ways
imaginable. Some were human horses. They were used to drag wagons down to the
nearest railway station. When there they contrived to make some of the wheels
falls off the wagon outside the home of the local parish priest. In the
commotion the priest came out and they were able to whisper to him in Latin
that they were priests and needed bread and wine to say Mass.


On subsequent trips the priest would
smuggle some bread or sometimes a grape. Late at night, after curfew, and under
penalty of instant death, those priests would gather with small groups of the
faithful to celebrate Mass and to receive Holy Communion.
 One of the survivors
described the atmosphere at those Masses. 
He said “we got so much out of the
Mass”. It was Christ coming to them in their Calvary. They got so much out of
the Mass because they brought so much to the Mass. 

Bring your sacrifices to the

(Fulton Sheen)Moral            the Mass is a sacrifice.