En 2005 hubo un accidente aéreo en Lagos (Nigeria). Nos escribió el hijo de uno de «los supervivientes». En realidad falleció todo el pasaje. Fue tremendo.  La familia daba gracias a su ángel custodio de que no le pasara nada a su padre, pues justo antes de entrar en el avión sintió necesidad de cambiar el billete. Así lo narra el hijo del «superviviente» en inglés…


Hello Aslanfirst,

How is it going? I wonder if you’ve heard or read in the news about the rough weekend Nigeria just had. But the unbelievable story is that, my father had already checked in with that same Bellview flight that crashed on saturday and all his luggage was checked in as well. But ten minutes before they started bording the plane he just for some reason he doesn’t even know, changed his mind and went to book another flight for about the same time that day. So then, when he woke up the following morning, the first thing he heard was the breaking news of Bellview flight no 210 and he immediately checked his ticket and this was the exact flight heading for Abuja that he was supposed to be on. This is incredible. He must have a really strong Guardian Angel!

Bye. Chuma