As soon as we were told to look for funds to contribute towards
the construction of the Chapel for Tigoni House, we informed the students
and told them that their contribution would be most appreciated.  

They organized themselves and agreed
that each girl would offer the necessary sacrifice and bring as much money
as they could for the Tigoni House Chapel.  
We drew a chart and posted it on the bulletin board so
that we could update it on a weekly basis.  
The students would bring 2 Shillings, 5 Shillings, etc.
once or twice a week which she had saved from the pocket money given daily
for lunch or bus fare.  
of them talked to their parents about our fundraising campaign and we got
a very good response.  
we have raised more than Shs.3,000.  
 All this means that some girls have had to give up buying the 2
mandazi that they buy for lunch once a week or so in order to give their
walk home between 5 and 15 kilometres instead of boarding a Matatu and
give their bus fare for the Chapel.


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