Ah, Old Age! 
My wife and I several years ago joined a social club in New York City called the Thursday Evening Club. 
The club meets 4 times a year, usually at an historic or other culturally interesting site in New York City and often hear a lecture or performance followed by dinner. 
The club is a very old New York City institution made up of primarily «old money», with the emphasis on «old». 
A substantial majority of the club is quite elderly, and our joining was part of an effort to bring new, younger members into the club. 
At one of our first meetings, we were following behind a small group of elderly members down a set of stairs when one of the men slipped a bit but caught himself before falling. 
One of the other gentlemen, seeing his colleague nearly take a spill, commented loud enough to be overhead «If you fall down in this club, you don’t get up.»