— NOTICE!! — 

 The process of life is pleased to announce: 
As a result of this divinely ordered event, you are no longer held in bondage of what was. 
All dreams, goals, arrangements, and agreements are now negotiable in terms of what is. 
This is not to imply that you are not accountable to, or responsible for, yesterdays choices. 
It is to say that things can – and have – in fact changed. 
No further explanation is required. 
All parties who intend to evolve must maintain an open mind and heart to what the new day brings. 
Those who insist on digging in their hells, gritting their teeth, clutching, clawing, or grabbing in an attempt to hold on, will ultimately end up where yesterday is today.
Now let us analyze this nice wish of unknown author:
The past does not touch me in anyway. False. Life is seen with the perspective of death. Death gives ultimate meaning to life. Life means much because there is death: there is a temporal dimension of our lives.
Ask the child born with AIDS, whether the past ended yesterday. No my friend, time accommodates all what we are now.