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A Dutch missionary priest in Singapore was called to see a
Dutch lady in hospital she had been diagnosed with cancer and had been away
from the sacraments for a long time. 
The priest obliged. He entered the room
and spent some time in the usual small talk. 
Then came the moment to ask the
64,000 dollar priestly question, “would you like to go to confession?” She gave
the usual answer “but I have nothing to confess”. 
The priest countered with “I
will help you”. She replied “if it will make you happy, then ok”. 
When they
were finished the lady put her head back on the pillow and said; “now it is
really Easter”. 
The priest later told others this was one of the great priestly
moments of his life. The woman had a lot of Christian formation and that
doctrine was still there. She knew the fruits of confession, the workings of
grace and the Holy Spirit. Every time we go to confession “it is really



this is a week to bring man to the sacrament of confession, so that it can be really Easter.
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