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Dream, and your dreams will fall short Teen Queen I have two girls, ages 5 and 2. 
Recently, the five-year old had a birthday, and never has the expression «she’s five, going on 14» been more aptly applied than to this outgoing and precocious little girl. 
So, for her birthday, I had taken one of the songs from the Lion King called «I Just Can’t Wait to be King» and rewritten it in the form of «I Just Can’t Wait to be a Teen.»
 She and I sang it to the grandparents that had gathered for the birthday celebration, and it was a big hit. Not to be outdone, the two-year old announced that she wanted to sing a song, too. 
She took her position in the center of the room and sang out «Oh I Just Can’t Wait to be a Queen.» 
We laughed so hard we cried, and we have yet to figure out whether she thought that was what we had sang, or whether she really preferred to be a Queen instead of a Teen.

 New York, NY