Pride by comparison 

Big, Bigger, Biggest 

There are still a few of the old mansions on the North Shore of Long Island outside of New York City that were the stuff of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby. 

Although we certainly do not have one, we know a couple of the old families that do. 

In fact, the patriarch of one such family (let’s just call him Mr. Smith) is the godfather of my six-year old daughter. 

He and his wife live in an elegant old brick mansion which my daughter has visited on a number of occasions. 

Recently, my daughter and I paid a visit to a different woman (let’s call her Mrs. Jones, who is at least 70 years of age) who lives in a beautiful mansion as well. 

My daughter looked around in amazement and said to the woman «Wow, your house is bigger than the Smiths!’ 

Mrs. Jones quickly snapped back «Well I should hope so», proving once again that even the filthy rich have their competitive sides.

 New York, NY